XTerra Temecula

In June of 2008 I took part in my first off-road duathlon. I have always loved the XTerra format, they take the classic events and move them off-road. I believe this was the first Duathlon they offered. It started with a short run, about 3K, followed by a 15+ mile mountain bike, and then another 5+K run. They also had a Triathlon that day on the same course. Nathalie and I headed out the night before and camped near by. It was hot that evening, but not unbareable. The next morning we woke up and drove out to the Temecula Lake. The tri went first and the duathlon went last. It was over 90 degrees at start time. I ran the first leg without a problem. I felt great on the bike and was booking it pretty good. I got back to the staging area, ate, drank, and took off for the last running leg. By this time the temps were over 105 degrees. I was still feeling pretty good until about a mile into the last leg. Then I started feeling the heat. I decided to walk to the next water stop and rest a bit. The heat just wouldn't let up. I had to make a decision: bail and get the big old DNF or try to walk/run the last few hilly miles in the hot hot sun. The heat and I have never go along so after some deliberation I decided to bail and head straight to the lake to cool down. It was the right call. I was feeling sick by the time I reached the lake. I didn't even bother taking off my shoes, I just went in and tried to cool down. It helped but it didn't solve my problem. I was chilled and had goose bumps but the sun had already taken it's toll and it wasn't going to stop. I went up and met Nathalie at the finish line as she finished. We went back down to the lake where I sat in the water for a good half hour (with a lot of others I might add). Finally, I was able to maintain myself long enough to pack up and get in the car to head home. Amazingly I didn't lose my lunch, but it was close. In 2009 it looks like they moved the venue to Vegas, hopefully it was cooler. Here are some pics, I don't have many since everyone I knew there was in the race.