Lower Moro Campground

Nathalie and I mountain bike frequently at El Moro in Orange County. It is pretty amazing this park and several other coastal parks have survived in this area given the prices of property. Neither of us had ever spent the night in the park so we decided to check it out. The park has 3 remote camp grounds, all which must be hiked (or biked) to. We went to Lower Moro which has a great view of the ocean. It was a pretty grueling ride up "I Think I Can" with big packs on our backs but it was well worth it. I'm writing this in 2008 and can't tell for sure but I think the pics are all from the morning we when we woke up except the 3rd picture which I know we took in the evening after we set up camp. It's cool to be able to camp so close to home and still feel like we were 100 miles away from anywhere, except for the other tent 30 feet away.