Pam and I loaded up the truck and headed to Mammoth for the weekend. I had never been to Mammoth for any amount of time during the summer and was eager to see what we could find hiking around. We also brought the bikes, but ultimately ended up just cruising some trails around the lakes by Tamarack.

The first night we arrived we hiked near the campground. There is some old mining equipement and a mining camp in the area.

The next morning we headed up towards Duck Lake. It was an amazing hike, I hope to go back some day and go even further. There was even snow, in August, in California.

The next day we hiked from the campground over to Devil's Pilepost and Rainbow falls. This was a much longer hike than we thought by looking at the map. I was definitely happy to find Red's Meadow and get some food half way through the hike. Going back up and over the mountain to the campground did a number on me after already hiking all day.

While in Mammoth we picked up a guide to the local hot springs. On the way home we drove out by the airport to hunt them down. We quickly found most of them had been fenced off by the park service. We found one on some near by BLM property that was still open. It was a bit slimmy but felt great after a few days of hiking. Plus the view of the Sierras was amazing.