Stonewall Peak - Lake Cuyamaca

I don't know if I will ever have any pictures or ever go back here, but I was on a camping trip October 12-14 with some coworkers. Originally I planned on going to Lowenbrau since it was in the neighborhood, but after consulting my San Diego County Climber's guide, I realized that there was climbing on 2.2 mile from my camp. I talked Kris, Dawn, Steve (aka Moody), and Kristin into doing some climbing. We headed out after lunch for the peak. After about 1 mile, Kris and Dawn turned back. The rest of us continued on. I set up a top rope on Right Railing Route. Steve and Kristin gave it a shot but didn't get to far. The guide book said it was a 5.6, and it probably is but it has some awkward moves for someone that has never climbed before. I fixed the line from the top and self belayed my self up to prove it could be done. It was really more of a hiking trip then a climbing trip. I demonstrated how some of the gear is used and we were out of there. If you are ever in the area, I recommend it. Even if you are just going to hike the trail, it is great. It is an easy trail and is only 2.2 miles long with less then 1000 foot elevation gain. From the top you can see the Sultan Sea as well as many other things. The trailhead is located directly across the 78 from Paso Picacho camp ground. The camp is located about 10 miles south of Julian where the 78 and 79 meet. You can also get there from the 8.