Rodman Mountains and Rainbow Basin

I'm writting this well over a year from the time we went on the trip so I don't remember many of the details. Nathalie found a trip on ODC that looked interesting, a weekend out in the desert to visit some ruins with tons of petroglyphs. Sounded like fun so we signed up. A guy named Kevin? met us at my place and we all carpooled up to Apple Valley to meet up with the rest of the group early on Saturday morning. Then we carvanned east out into the desert. I took tons of pictures of petroglyphs. There have to be tens of thousands of them out there.

The below rock ring is the base of a small native american hut. We saw several of these after climbing down a water tank. I had my GPS and marked the center of the hut rings and when viewed from above the form a near perfect semi-circle with a line through it. This was interesting because many of the petroglyphs had the same image - a circle with a line through it.

Below is a picture of Tim, the leader of the trip. He is sitting in an area where it is believed a shaman would have occupied based on the snake symbol above it.

This is an image of a big horn sheep, which inhabit the area.

Some of the etchings date back nearly 10,000 years and are difficult to see in some cases. Most of the older ones are this basket patter or simple lines.

This valley was covered floor to ceiling with petroglyphs, it was crazy.

After checking out the ruins and spending the night in the desert we headed over to Rainbow Basin near Barstow. This is an interesting sandstone formation with amazing colors and cool water tanks.


Near the end of our hike we found a sand slide. Below is Nathalie heading down.

Some of us managed to pick up some good speed on the the slide, and also a ton of rocks in the shoes.


Before heading back to OC a few of us ventured far up the canyon and actually found a small cavern system that was open on both ends.

We headed back and stopped at In-N-Out for some food before returning home.